Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Where I Go #5: The Zone

by: Maggie Skye
I love The Zone. That moment when reality vanishes around me, and there's nothing but the sights and the sounds of my world. All it takes is a rustle in the room to bring me back to reality, realizing once again how I've totally disappeared.
This is where I go when I write.
Okay, maybe it's not always that picture perfect, but that's a true scenario that happens to me a lot, particularly when I'm drafting.  It’s one of the best things about writing; the ability to not only create a world, but to step inside of it, and leave your own life and problems behind. Just for a bit.
My writing journey began when I was 10. I sat down at a round, wooden table with a sheet of paper and a pen, and proceeded to write the beginning of a story, starting with a princess waking up and getting out of bed (which after about one page, I discarded in favor of a typed-up novel). That’s where it started, and I haven't stopped since.
Most of the time, when I write, it doesn't really matter where I am in person, since ultimately, I'm going to be in my own world. (Well, unless I’m revising. Then I’m probably questioning my decision to be a writer, and likely my sanity.) Living in a family of seven, you learn how to create a space for yourself basically anywhere that's quiet, and (preferably) comfortable.
My spot of choice is usually my bed. It's right by a window (hallelujah! I can’t live without windows!), it's comfortable, and it's mine. I'll also rotate between my desk, the kitchen table, the bonus room, a coffee shop, etc. Wherever I can be that's reasonably comfortable, and reasonably quiet.
When it comes down to it, I think where I write (and why) depends on my age and current living situation. Right now I live with my family, and I'm used to finding the quiet nooks and crannies. Eventually if I go to college, I imagine I'll learn to grab even five minutes to get some writing done. Headphones might become extremely important. (They are already, in cases of coffee shops with obnoxious music or evenings when the family's all at home). One day when I have children of my own, I'll probably write while dinner's in the oven, during nap time; any time I have, really.
The one thing I know through it all, no matter where I am, is that I. MUST. WRITE. It's not a choice. I'm always brimming with ideas and inspiration. It makes me happy, and it makes me feel complete. So wherever life takes me, even if it's by hand in a notebook, I'll ALWAYS be writing one way or another. I'll make a space for myself wherever I am. A space to be comfortable in, until I ease into The Zone, and leave the world behind.
Maggie Skye is a 17-year-old writer, photographer, and tea-drinker. When she’s not writing or lost in some book or another, she spends her time taking/editing pictures, having adventures, and enjoying anything sweet. She helps run Write On!, a blog for teen writers and readers, and blogs personally HERE. You can always catch her on Twitter (@DancinTravelbug) or via email (lizzy.skyeATgmailDOTcom).


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  1. Great post, Maggie. I can totally relate to what you said and--LOL I just spotted the bag of dark chocolates next to your laptop. ^_^
    ...I wish I had one of those, lol.

    Hopefully we'll both find a nice, quiet environment to write in wherever we go to college.

    <3 you! :)

  2. @Lyla LOL!! YES. Sadly, they're gone. But my mom bought those for me. She loves me so. <3

    Here's to quiet places in college! *raises tea* Wait-- what tea? I should go make some tea.

    <3 you too! :D

  3. Great post, Maggie! I love the window right by your bed... that must be sweet. Also... I skipped over a few words when I read the sentence "I'll write while dinner's in the oven" and I read it as "I'll write in the oven"... haha. :D

  4. @Gracie Thank you! :) Ahh, I love it too! It's one of those things I KNOW I take for granted. It makes me so happy.


  5. I love your spaces. And how happy writing makes you. ^_^

  6. @Constance *hugs* I like my spaces too. And writing. And YOU!! :D