Monday, August 1, 2011

Novel Month Day 1

Day One

I'm going to finish my novel this month. That sounds more profound that it actually is.

I've been working on The Book That Wont End for over a year. This is the longest it has ever taken me to write a book and maybe that's why I'm starting to get a little antsy. I was hesitant to start this book because I knew how hard it would be to write. And it is. It's hard every single day. Writing this book is new on so many levels. There are so many things that I've learned or am learning. I'm a Contemporary writer writing an Urban Fantasy. The doubt that I'm cut out to write this book never goes away. A part of me wishes I could give it to someone else and let them finish it; another part of me understands that no one would be able to write TBTWE the way I will, not because I think I'm the epitome of writerly brilliance, but because this is my story and no one else can see the vision of it that I do.

I'm starting Novel Month with 38,000+ words and hoping I'll be able to get to 90,000 by the end of the month. Okay, maybe it is a little profound, for me anyway. That means I'll be writing a minimum of 1,500 words a day. I'm not sure how I'll manage to do this, I just know that I have to try.

Music I'm listening to: "My One And Only Thrill" by Melody Gardot


  1. I'm writing a 50k novel this month for Camp NaNoWriMo, so I definitely feel your pain! I wish you the best of luck!

  2. Wow, sounds profound to me. Sometimes a challenge like that and setting that goal is what you need. You write much faster than I do. I hope you end up loving your urban fantasy.

  3. Becca C: You know, I have to wonder why we willingly do this to ourselves. We must be nuts. We can split the luck 50/50. :]

    LynNerd: It's definitely a kick in the butt, and hopefully in the right direction. To be honest, I don't write fast at all. I'm just hoping that the self-imposed deadline will force me to pick up that skill along the way.